Everyone should consider making a Will to deal with their estate at their death. Making a will helps provide for your family's future and protect them from additional distress when you pass away.

A well-drafted Will is one of the best ways of protecting both your interests and the estate you’ve spent a lifetime building up. Amongst other things, it will allow you to clearly set out your intentions as regards:

  • Changes to or revocation of an earlier Will

  • Directions as to burial or cremation

  • Appointment of Executors and Trustees

  • Appointment of guardians

  • Making provision for your children and other dependents

  • Legacies, bequests and devises

  • Charitable legacies

  • Residuary gifts

  • Additional powers/declarations

  • Special wishes and directions

If you do not make a Will you die "intestate" and your estate (that is your property and possessions) will be distributed according to the law, rather than according to your own wishes. Ultimately if there is no Will and you have no known relatives your estate will go to the Crown. If you make a Will you can avoid this happening.

You should make a new Will if your personal circumstances have materially altered; for example, if you have married, become divorced, if there has been a birth or death in the family or major changes in your property or possessions. Your Will needs to be updated to ensure that as your circumstances change, your Will continues to reflect your wishes.

The process for drawing up a Will is generally far more straightforward than most people believe. At Donn & Co we can provide a friendly, professional, quick and efficient Will drafting service. We will also store your Will, free of charge.

Our Will writing work is regulated by the CLC. We have many years of experience in this work and all our work is fully insured.

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